I’ve been working on a figurative nude series in the studio that I think is coming of age. It’s contorting the nude form to challenge the acceptance of physical beauty and idea of eroticism. I’ve been having a great deal of fun working with all sorts of models on this unconventional concept, and the models have been enjoying doing a little some thing different. You can see a gallery of images on this site.

The added bonus is that this work has been informing my other processes and helping to hone and shape ideas. And I feel an adaptation developing that can make it even more surreal (and I do hope so). 🙂

Stacey discovered a great paper for these to print on … Moab Slickrock Metallic. It’s a metallic ink jet paper that lets the high end of the contrast remain reflective. It gives the highlights an absolutely dimensional feel. If you’d like to see them, there is a book at our show at Varnish Fine Art … just ask.