Weekends are for websites, and this time it was grand refresh of my own creative portfolio (namely, this site — http://jasonmitchell.org ). Featured on here is the work that is mostly related to my photography and cinematography — portraits, commercial spots, printing, etc. The stuff that is the personality, composition and lighting part of my work with Stacey as Ransom & Mitchell.

I also thought this would be a good place to house my evolving fine art project Tortuous, a series of dark, contorted nudes that both beautiful and twisted — how I like to present the world. Look for it to grow and shift here, while I work find a physical venue for some in-person viewing as well.

And as I’ve been instructed by my partner in crime, I’ll keep this simple and to the point for easy digestion. Bonus by going with Squarespace — scalable so the mobile site is up as well.