We have been enjoying a rush of showings at the moment, with three major ones hanging in October. As this spooky time of year approached, we were hit up to help celebrate the season with our fine art work.

Anthony Luzi at Bash Contemporary put together a great group show Hallow Be Thy Game that mixed our digital art with that of Larissa Kulik, Danny van Ryswyk, and the dolls of Stefanie Vega. In this show, we presented our largest printed work to date: a 60″ x 40″ of It Will Be Ours ornately framed — the details in the piece were stunning to see. Kaytee Papusza brought in a model to wear her fabulous dress during the opening, and Doug from SaveNature.org arrived with a collection of the insects used in the piece for everyone to handle and enjoy.

Vanitas, 2011

Also asking us to show, Kirsten Anderson of the seminal pop surrealist gallery Roq la Rue had us in for a solo show of existing works titled Across From Familiar. Kirsten is also an eloquent writer including her own books and for Hi-Fructose magazine, and was quite adept and describing our offerings as darkly arcane and coined the phrase Pop Baroque. It was a real pleasure to go up to Seattle for the opening and meet a number of artists face to face, and catch up with some old friends. Her new gallery in Pioneer Square was just perfect and pairing us with Laurie Lee Brom and Sail was spot on.

And finally the project we had been toiling on most of this year was our solo show at ZeroFriends titled die Familie. Our hysterical reenactment photos of a lost German family and their odd predilections. Working with a number of the guys at ZeroFriends, we transformed them into an amazingly bizarre collection. I’ll dig more into that later!

We have a few more shows on the horizon … the Will Oldham tribute put together by Kevin Titzer opening Nov. 1st, a few pieces at Aunia Kahn’s new gallery Alexi Era starting Nov. 9th, the first anniversary show at Gauntlet Gallery in SF on Dec. 12th, a brand new series for the LA Art Fair with Varnish in mid-January, and Aunia’s Tarot Under Oath show at Last Rites Gallery in NYC at the end of January. You can see an up to date list of these on our exhibitions page. We hope you can join us, or at least keep up with us online.