The power of the personal relationship is a great way to forge and strengthen your path to future opportunities. Case in point, Ransom & Mitchell had the pleasure of showing at Patrick Kahn’s gallery Snap! in Orlando, Florida as part of the Art Attacks co-curated show this summer. Stacey made her way back to where she spent the bulk of her childhood and had an opportunity to hang out with Patrick a bit. One of the subjects they touched on was about my new nude series Dream Away. It was my impression that he would enjoy the work, and that hopefully the aesthetic would fit in with his offerings (or at least he could help point in the right direction).

Turns out my gut was correct, he responded well to the series and has asked for three pieces to be in a selection of contemporary photography showing along side All About Warhol at CU-1 Gallery in Miami, Florida. The reception is Friday, September 19th from 7pm to 10pm — please stop by if you get the chance. I’m quite pleased that so far this series has been finding open doors in the fine art world.