I’m beginning to explore ideas for my upcoming show at 111 Minna that delve into alternate facets of the project. The light and floaty nature with an almost suspended yet certainly in motion bodies are naturally lending themselves to a exploring their beginnings and ends. But in turn, they also lend themselves to a twists and turns in their character. I’ve began to shoot alternates with a darker or even black background and change in lighting to convey an almost origin story. The spotty light that sinks into the inky black sharpens the focus of attention on the central point of the subject’s energy. This has been favoring a more dynamic burst in shape and form, less of the passive flow of the originals.

Motion also lives between these two worlds as well. I may see about exploring both the white and dark worlds in this medium. Motion itself has it’s challenges of how to transform this same experience. It’s one in which I think I can show both a constant state and a transformative one. The question is of which treatments will be most effective in showing still and motion projected in the gallery.