It’s taken a load of work, but our show Smoke & Mirros is up over at Varnish Fine Art. We cranked out 42 pieces, mostly photo illustration pieces with two of our short films to go with their still counterparts. Everything was framed without glass in ornate frames. This was made possible by varnishing the photo paper to be water, scratch, and UV resistant. I tried out a number of products to get the right combination, but in the end it worked best when I matched the paper and varnish from the same company.

Stacey and and pushed through two larger fine art concepts in June and July to finish out the show. And then I spent the bulk of August printing and framing to get through the pile. Not using glass made the process go a bit quicker, as I didn’t have to use spacers, nor is there a need to seal the back. Each piece was varnished and then hinge mounted to a rigid archival panel … I went through a lot of tape. But it was well worth the effort as the finished presentation is much more akin to a painting and continues to blur the lines for our work.

The opening night was squeezed tight with a number of folks coming through. I was happy to see a lot of familiar faces and people I respect enjoying the work. It’s up until Oct. 27th … go check it out if you get the chance.