For my Dream Away solo show at 111 Minna gallery in San Francisco, I presented framed prints, 2′ x 8′ silk banners, and two short films. The combination of the banners and the short films helped to complete the visual experience for the viewer at the gallery.

To create the short films, I knew that I wanted to capture the same exact feeling of loss of gravity and control (like almost falling) that were presented in the prints. However, I would not be able to employ the same techniques as I used in capturing the still photographs of catching the models in mid air. Even during the course of filming I did attempt it but still was not very pleased with the results as I had expected. The visual story needed to evolve, but not resolve. Instead I chose to focus on just a portion of the subject — similar to how I had worked on some of the closer photographs that developed later in the series. And after doing some calculations, I realized I had most of what I needed already in place.

Our studio has a large white cyc and lights prehung to illuminate it evenly. I mimiced my lighting diagram for the stills with hot lights as so to match the spread and pattern. Then using our Red Epic, I overcurrent the camera so it captured at 96 fps for 24 playback. The result has a fluid, dreamy feel, that compliments the many still images by moving through their physical stories. The resulting films are slow and hypnotic, and develops in a manner to let you look away and come back to it and be rewarded with something new.

Presented with the other elements in the show by being projected on the wall, it forms another strong visual facet that rounds out the experience and completes the statement of the body of work.